A screenshot of a notification of a violation of services.
A takedown notification from Tumblr.
An animated gif of a penis becoming erect.
The 13 paintings as a gif.

origin of love


origin of love is a series of 13 paintings that are a frame-by-frame recreation of a pornographic gif sourced from tumblr. It was first included in Tasty Zine’s inaugural issue in 2013. Somewhat ironically, while the original paintings and the original gif are well-circulated on Tumblr to this day, a video of the paintings on display at Tasty’s launch was removed for TOS violation.

Concept & History

The title of the series is a nod to Courbet’s “Origine du Monde.” The works were made with a distressed, layered technique to parallel the digital loss when a high resolution video is made into an animated gif.

Production Details
  • 13 paintings made with a technique of pigment layered sheets of vellum
  • published in Tasty Zine’s inaugural issue in 2013
  • a sequence of the paintings were also included in Outlet’s NSFW: Male Nudes by Female Painters exhibition in 2016.