A lineup of 7 high school aged students, drawn in an indie comix style.
The cast of characters.

How does it make you feel?


How does it make you feel? is a visual novel, currently in development. It’s an otome-style visual novel with a comical y2k-era setting and a twist. you won’t just play as the typical teen protagonist - instead, you’ll body swap with your friends, your classmates, even your crush as you try your best to balance everyone’s feelings and hormones. the more you’re aloof with your crush, the more he crushes on you… but if everyone is playing it cool, no one gets asked to prom!

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Concept & History

As a fan of both visual novels and teen movies, I set out to make a semi-autobiographical, semi-satirical send-up of both beloved genres. In particular I want to explore themes of fate and identity-formation.

Production Details