A young man caught in a spiral with the text: 'What's keeping you cleaved'
Cover art for the comic.
An image of a young man superimposed over psychadelic spirals
A full color spread mixing a hand-inked drawing with digital color.
3 panels from a comic featuring twin teenage boys.
Sample page from the comic.
A young man wearing futuristic clothing.
Concept art of one of the characters.



The A.O. Movement Collective commissioned a narrative comic for the ETLE Universe from me in 2013. The story appeared in ETLE ILLUS, published in 2015.

The story takes place within the timeline of the project’s queer/feminist cyborg time travel epic, exploring a post-apocalyptic future where a violent gender revolution has ties to to our own past and present.

Concept & History

My contribution continues my own interest in subverting tropes of toxic masculinity with the female gaze and male characters in subservient emotional support roles. The story is essentially a romance, where two male characters find purpose and pleasure in serving a radical femme activist.

Production Details
  • published in 2015 at the end of a 2-year immersive art cycle
  • full-length comic book with hand-inked panels and digital color